LA Webfest!

Hello you. We’ve been a little slow updating here, but we are very happy to be an official selection at LA Webfest! In LA! Here’s us on a poster…. in LA! (Thanks to the guys at 3some)

Anyway, here’s the relevant schedule details for the screening at the Radisson LAX Hotel:

WEDNESDAY march 26th (Start: 9:00AM / End: 1:00AM)

9:00AM – SANTA BARBARA ROOM: (60:00)
“All In The Method”(COMEDY/Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM)
“Even Superheroes Pay The Bills” (COMEDY (translated)/Rome, ITALY)
“Les Pevetistes” (COMEDY (translated))/Montreal, CANADA)
“Manigances: Notice Rouge (Shenanigans 2: Red Notice)”(DRAMA (translated))/Montreal, CANADA)
10:00PM – SAN DIEGO ROOM (51:00)
“Our Cultural Center” (COMEDY/Chicago, ILLINOIS)
“Man Life Crisis” (COMEDY/North Hollywood, CALIFORNIA)
“All In The Method” (COMEDY/Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM)
“Great” (COMEDY/South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA)

Very exciting obviously. What’s even more exciting is that Luke and Rich have just released another podcast and will be recording a special podcast from LA! Please subscribe to keep up to the date with that! Also stay tuned to what the boys have been up to individually on their own websites, and


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