Episode 1 – The Heartbreak Kid (Released 17th June 2012)
Rich has a big audition coming up for a lothario. Is this an opportunity to use his method acting, make a move on Luke’s ex-girlfriend and get his iPod back?

Episode 2 – The Acting Guru (Released 8th October 2012)
While Rich is busy on a photoshoot, Luke spots method acting legend Pete Shopping in a café. Could this be their chance to score a big acting role?

Episode 3 – The Resting Actor (Released 28th November 2012)
It’s Luke’s birthday! … But with no acting jobs available, he’s determined to pursue a career professionally ‘resting’ on the sofa. For good. … Can Rich motivate him out of his misery?

Episode 4 – The Action Hero
Completely broke and with not an acting job in sight, the pair has had to embrace the menial and mundane world of temping. However, when Rich returns home after a long day of data entry, he discovers that Luke has instigated a plan far more daring and stupid than he could have possibly imagined.

Episode 5 – The Action Hero PART DOS
A direct continuation of Episode 4, Rich now finds himself leading the Mexican immigrants to a safe haven, Mum’s house. Meanwhile, Luke has gone into the wilderness to try to lure HM Revenue & Customs officer, Rob, off the trail. Have the method brothers gone too far?

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