Episode 2 shot


That’s right, you heard me. After a bit more time than we’d originally planned, and after a long 2 days over the bank holiday, we did it. It wasn’t without drama of course, we ran out of time at one location on Day 1, so had a panic to get back in there on Day 2 (and of course bring the actors back) when we were already on a tight schedule with the other location. But there you go. Everyone did a great job. I won’t give too much away about the actors at this stage, or indeed the locations, but we’re pretty pleased with the footage we got, and we’re sure Chris will do a great job again with the edit. Hopefully we’ll up online by the end of September, but in the meantime, we have dates booked in for Episodes 3 and 4 already in September so we’re hoping to close the gap! Speak to you soon…

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