LA Webfest!

Hello you. We’ve been a little slow updating here, but we are very happy to be an official selection at LA Webfest! In LA! Here’s us on a poster…. in … Continue reading →

Raindance Webfest Official Selection!

Hello you. We’re an official selection at the first UK Raindance Webfest. Here’s the press release. How exciting! Here’s a little video they asked us to do:

Rich & Luke on Croydon Radio

Hello there! That pair of losers Luke Kaile and Rich Keeble are on Hatty’s Silly Radio Show on Croydon Radio today at 13:00 UK time. Check it out and get … Continue reading →

And now… Episode 5

Phew! Bet you couldn’t wait for that cliffhanger to be resolved! In other news we’ve just recorded our first All in the Method podcast, which is nearly edited/mastered/all that, so … Continue reading →

Episode 4 is up!

Hello there! Yes, Episode 4 is up! What? You already know? It was up last week? NO. You’re wrong. Oh ok. You’re right. That version was in mono. This one … Continue reading →

Interview + Episodes 4/5 update

Happy New Ye… oh wait, it’s April. Sorry. Obviously the lack of a blog post hasn’t bothered you too much because you’ve been following the updates on Facebook on Twitter. … Continue reading →


Well, if you’ve been on the Facebook or Twitter feeds you’ll know we’ve been promising a little Xmas treat…. and hopefully you weren’t actually expecting a ‘treat’. But we have … Continue reading →

Episode 3 released! Other things!

Greetings! Episode 3 is now up! We hope you enjoy it. We’re already planning Episodes 4 and 5 which we hope to film early in the new year. A new … Continue reading →

Episode 2 is up!

Greetings Method fans! At long last (far longer than we would have liked to keep you waiting) Episode 2 is here! Even at the final hurdle, we had difficulty uploading … Continue reading →

New MTP comedy sketch

Hi guys. Here’s a little Muzzle the Pig comedy sketch starring Rich and Luke, and directed by Chris, which will hopefully fill a bit of the gap until Episode 2! … Continue reading →